PRESENTED BY DR. TANYA PAYNTER
Migraine Mastery Masterclass
Discover My 3-Step Approach To Improving Migraines:

End The Fear of The Next Migraine and Move Beyond "Just Surviving"
In This Training, I'll Share:
  • ​What 15 years of daily headaches, recurrent migraines, and ongoing depression taught me about migraines... and what I did to finally overcome them
  • Why simply avoiding triggers just isn't enough and what my patients do instead to actually get results
  • ​The surprising reason women with migraines can't always nail down their food triggers (hint: it isn't actually the food)
  • ​​ How to become a “migraine detective” and decipher the clues that even most doctors miss (understanding migraine patterns is the key to successful treatment)
  • ​Why the current model of treating migraines with medications is ineffective for so many women and how my patients are seeing results when no other treatment has worked
  • ​How to achieve effective migraine control using a simple 3 step method, even if there's a long personal or family history
  • ​Why I help my patients control their migraines, move beyond “just surviving”, and get back to doing what they love
About your host
Dr. Tanya Paynter graduated from Bastyr University in 2012 with her Naturopathic Medical Degree. Prior to medical school, Dr. Paynter attended the University of Washington where she received a Bachelor's Degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology and a minor in Inorganic Chemistry. She is currently in practice in Spokane, Washington where she treats chronic migraines and other chronic illnesses.  She overcame a 15 year history of chronic headaches and migraines and is passionate about bringing true healing to her patients as well so they can stop just "surviving" and start living their lives again.  
For women who know there's something else behind their migraines ... the next step in migraine prevention when everything else has failed.
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